Get Free: Google ads $100 coupon credit and how to use

Google Ads Free Credit

How to get google ads free coupon credit, we showed here the best way to get google ads coupon code, Google Ads is giving a $100 Google Ads credit to its new subscribers from the USA or Canada when they are spending $25 or more than this. The credit can only be used to create online ads for your products or services, which will appear in the search engine and other places of the whole Google Network.
Requirements to Collect the Google Ads Free Credit
In order to collect the credit, you’ll have to fulfill some requirements.

Those are-

  1. You must be a citizen of the USA or Canada.
  2. You must apply for the credit within 14 days of creating your Google Ads account.
  3. You’ll have to spend at least $25 after signing up for Google.
  4. You must pay the US or Canadian dollar in order to pay for your Google Ads account. Paying with other currencies won’t make you eligible for the credit.
  5. Your site must be on the Commerce Advanced, Commerce Basic, or Website Business plan of Google Ads. The billing cycle can be monthly or annual.
  6. This promotional Google Ads credit can’t be mixed with other Google Ads credit. You can use only one credit per Google Ads account.

Free Google Ads Coupon Code

Here are some non-used google ads $100 coupon credit


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How to Collect the Google Ads credit

When you have fulfilled all the requirements, you are eligible to receive the Google Ads credit. To collect, follow the process below.

  1. Go to the ‘Home Page.’ In the ‘Home Menu,’ click on ‘Marketing.’
  2. Click on ‘Google Ads Credit.’
  3. Click on ‘Generate Code.’
  4. A question will come where you’ll be asked if you are from the USA or Canada or not. Only people from the USA and Canada are eligible for the credit. So, click ‘Confirm.’
  5. A unique code will be generated. Copy the code and save it somewhere.
  6. Click ‘Set up Google Ads’ just below the box where a unique code is shown if you want to use the credit at an instance.
  7. In a new tab, a Google Ads page will show up. Click on ‘Start Advertising today.’
  8. Set up the advertisement. Follow Google’s guidance in that case.
  9. When you are at the billing page, you’ll see a box called ‘Introductory Offer.’
  10. Copy the saved unique code and paste it in the box.
  11. Click on ‘Apply.’

The code will be applied, and your free credit will be in use. Thus you can receive and use the Google Ads free credit from Google Ads. We have Google ads account for sale. We may easily buy verified AdWords account from us without any hassle. We also provide Google ads VCC.

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