Add Bing Webmaster Tools to Your Website 2022 Easy Way

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At first, you have to create an account by visiting the Bing Webmaster Tools website ( Then, click on ‘Sign Up’ and create an account. Creating an account is really easy because they accept Gmail or Yahoo mail etc. instead of just accepting Microsoft account.

The SignUp process is a common process like other places. So, you can do it easily.
The FAQ section of the Bing Webmaster Tools website contains the method of adding Bing Webmaster tools to your website. But, let me help you with that.


Way 1- XML file authentication

Search for BingSiteAuth.xml and click on it when you find it. This will save an XML file to your computer. This XML file contains a personal verification code generated for you. Then, upload the XML to the root folder of your website.

Way 2- Meta Tag Authentication

A <meta> tag will be shown with your personal verification code. Copy the tag and paste it on the web development environment editor of the home page of your website. You’ll have to paste it at the end of the <head> section. And then, save and upload the new default page that contains the <meta> tag

bing accounts Tutorial.

Way 3- Add a CNAME record to DNS

If you have access to your domain hosting account, you can follow this way. Edit the CNAME record and add the verification code to that. While leaving, make sure that the CNAME is saved.

Among these three ways, options 2 and 3 are comparatively easier than option 1. So, try to follow one of those.
After setting up, Bing bots will crawl your site. Then, you’ll receive an email that includes the $100 coupon code.

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