4 Types of Online Advertising Platform 2022

online advertising
About Online Advertising

Online advertising In this era of the screen, people are more likely to spend a huge amount of time on their daily life on their smartphones, laptops, tablets or personal computers. As a result, the pattern of promotion and advertisement is being changed.

Nowadays, online advertising is more likely to attract more customers comparing to offline advertising.

So, no matter whether you are a marketer or product manufacturer or service provider, you need to know about how online marketing works.
If you look around, you’ll find so many ways of online marketing.

There are a few types of online marketing that are more focused and tend to attract more customers. Let’s know about 4 types of online advertising which I’ve found effective.

Display Advertising


Display advertising is the online version of billboards, banners, posters, leaflets, etc. These advertisements contain images and words and are displayed in different places of a webpage. The most commonly used form of display ads are banners, pop-ups, and landing pages.

Display advertisings are mainly published in the pages of related websites. But publishing on a related website is not a mandatory thing. You can also publish those on the websites which are surfed by your target audience.

Display ad allows you the versatility of sizes so that you can choose one. It also helps to reach a load of a targeted audience if you publish the ad on a related website. You can easily track the clicks, impressions, and conversions in this type of ad.

Social Media Marketing


According to research, the number of social media users in 2019 is 3.484 billion and it is increasing day by day. That’s why, to reach a huge number of audiences, social media marketing is a great way.
Social media marketing is nothing but creating a niche based audience in social media and promoting your products and services to them.

You can do it for free, by building up a loyal follower base. In this case, the word-of-mouth works very well.
On the other hand, you can go for the paid method. In that case, you can advertise your product to a number of audiences by selecting the target audience.

Social media marketing is a low-cost way of advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are a few platforms where you can advertise and sell your products and services.



Another effective strategy of online advertising is re-marketing. It is exactly what the name says, marketing it again to the same people. This marketing strategy uses cookie-based technology which tracks the visitors to your website.

On their first visit, only 2-3 percent of people show interest in your product or services. Others leave the site without buying anything. In the re-marketing strategy, after leaving your website, they’ll see the advertising of your products and services whenever they surf around different websites.

The advertisements will make them visit your website again and get products or services. Re-marketing works this way. With the help of it, you can transform a huge number of potential customers to your customers. You can take support from a number of platforms to apply this advertising trick.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is another way of online advertising where you don’t have to pay for the advertisements until the advertisement can give you an authentic buyer.

In this advertising technique, 3 parties are involved- seller, marketer, and buyer. If you have the product or service, you are the seller. The marketers talk about your product on their websites, videos or other places and add a link to your products.

The buyers come to your website through the link. Your website can trace the place where a buyer comes. If the buyer buys a product, you pay the marketer a percentage of it; otherwise, you don’t have to pay.

A number of websites, especially large e-commerce websites, are using this method of marketing. This is a safe method of advertising. In this method, you don’t have to spend money on something where the return is unknown. Only after confirming a sale, you pay for the advertisement.

Final words

There are a lot more ways of online marketing, and the number of ways is increasing as technology is going far. To reach potential customers, online marketing is now an effective way and it will be more effective later.

It is a growing field, and it’ll keep growing. So, you should know more about the ways of online marketing and apply those to promote your products. You may get Google AdWords Accounts,

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